Thank You for a Wonderful 2014

As we look back on what a phenomenal year 2014 was, we can only anticipate what the new year of 2015 will bring. We would like to take a minute and thank everyone who attended an SEG Productions Event in 2014 and look forward to a LIKE and a SHARE in 2015! 🙂

This year SLAMOLOGY and the  ACOUSTIC LIVE CHALLENGE  saw tremendous growth!  When you have thousands of people attend events you put your heart into, show up and appreciate the Indiana Music Scene, one can be extremely humble in the blessings that were shown.  2014 was the year of the Indiana Musician! 

In 2015, we anticipate a bigger movement and would like to request that you join in the fun now!  Make sure to Like our Facebook pages, follow us on twitter, and be apart of the SEG Productions social media team!

Cheers to 2014 and a SALUTE to what 2015 will be bring!!!

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